Voices for VoxATC

Any SAPI TTS voice installed on your system can be used with VoxATC. These voices are available from several sources. AT&T Natural Voices come packaged on the VoxATC Deluxe DVD available from RC Simulations. Cepstral also produce quality TTS voices.

Be aware that 32 bit voices will not work with VoxATC for Prepar3D V4 as this is a 64 bit application

VoxPop Voices

The VoxPop voices are five open source text to speech voices that VoxATC can use. They are developed versions of voices available for the Festival system. Each voice comes in four flavours:

The base voice itself

Clipped by a low pass filter to make it more radio like

Mixed with background static

Both clipped and mixed with background static

While the voices sound great as RT voices, there are a couple issues that potential users should be aware of; the voices consume a lot of memory and take a while to load initially.

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