25 March 2021 VoxATC Specific Navigraph FMS Data Available

Navigraph now has a specific FMS download for VoxATC. For the current version of VoxATC (7.43) the FMS data should be installed just like the 737 LevelD data used previously and the path to it set in VoxATC Advanced Settings.

16 October Version 7.43 released

Static and filtering can now be added to the SAPI (desktop) voices selected to be used with VoxATC

11 July 2020 7.42 for P3D V5 released

VoxATC now works with P3D V5

3 October 2018 7.42 released

AI traffic now uses traffic schedules and flight numbers

6 September 2017 Version 7.41 released

Update to 7.4 to fix the following issues:

Incompatibility with P3D V4 add-ons that use its new facilities

Incorrect behaviour at the end of vectors to the an ILS approach in Europe

Faulty sppech recognition issues at some airports

Incorrect handling of scenery layers so that add-on airport data not used properly

31 July 2017 Version 7.4 released

Main Features

Works with Prepared3D V3 and V4

Terrain aware (no more vectors into mountains)

Can be run on a separate system to the flight simulator (net server)

Improved traffic generation

Separate installers for each simulator you have installed, no switching between simulators if you have more than one installed

27 May 2015 6.52 Released

Features include:

Improved installer for all supported simulator versions (P3D 1.4 and 2 not 3.0, FSX and FSX Steam)

More realistic airspeeds set for airborne AI aircraft

Fix for issue that prevented VoxATC working with MyTraffic 6

Fix for report prompts disappearing when flying full approach procedures

3 March 2015 6.51 Released

Update to support FSX Steam Edition

16 February 2015 6.50 Released

Update for Prepar3D version 2.5

FSX Steam version available soon

3 December 2014 6.49 Released

Improved weather interface. VoxATC now recognises changed weather conditions, particularly at the destination airport

Active traffic now generated at larger airports at lower traffic settings

25 June 2014 Version 6.46 Released

Flight Plan Trainer now working again

23 June 2014 Version 6.45 Released

This release greatly improves and fixes problems previous versions of VoxATC had with interfacing to FSX or P3D. There are therefore improvements to AI behaviour and problems with VoxATC spontaneously pausing or being stuck paused have been fixed

28 March 2014 Version 6.34 Released

VoxATC now supports FSX and Prepar3D 2 and 1.4. Version 6.34 will work with either of the three simulator versions

The update will work with any existing v6 registration code

The update includes the following

Enroute traffic generation greatly improved

Updated ground handling

When cleared to cross runways, an onward taxi clearance is included (no reporting after clearing the runway)

Turbine aircraft no longer have to call 'ready for takeoff/departure' when at the takeoff runway hold

A flight saved with a flight plan is no longer required. VoxATC will use the currently loaded flight plan. You no longer have to load a flight to change the flight plan, just load the new flight plan and enable

VoxATC now pauses when the simulator is paused

Turbine aircraft no longer have to call 'ready for takeoff/departure' when at the takeoff runway hold

17 May 2013 Version 6.20 Released

VoxATC now supports FSX and Prepar3D. Version 6.20 will work with either simulator.

The following issues are also fixed

Occasionally not getting landing clearances.

Fatal error occurring on landing after an emergency.

Problems with making contact while enroute and when arriving during VFR flight.

Taxiing aircraft disappearing when approached by the user's aircraft

No response from the controller when using VoxATC without a flight plan (local flight) or when flying a helicopter.

6.20 is a free upgrade for all registered V6 users. Any existing version of VoxATC X should be uninstalled before installing 6.20

19 February 2013 Version 6.16 released

6.16 significantly improves ground handling:

The management of the flow of taxiing aircraft has been upgraded.

To avoid taxi conflicts, hold short instructions are issued to stop aircraft at taxi intersections allowing aircraft taxiing in the opposite direction to pass.

Taxi clearances now include instructions to hold short of runways if the assigned taxi route crosses them.

6.16 is a free upgrade for all registered V6 users. Any existing version of VoxATC X should be uninstalled before installing 6.16

2 March 2011 Version 6.05 released

6.05 is an update to 6.04 includes the following fixes:

Less strict monitoring of progress during Sids and Stars. More leeway allowed on 'fly-by' waypoints

Some approaches at add-on airports were not available, these have been restored

An issue with the speech engine interface could lead to silent controllers, brought on by bad recognition results or overuse of PTT. This has been remedied

The 'old style' Sids and Stars defined with Sid/Star setup or Wizard now work

There are no longer leaping AI aircraft in FSX Acceleration

A greater selection of parked aircraft is now generated

Current 6.04 users should uninstall their current version and download the version available for download. Their current registration will work with 6.05

3 December 2010 Version 6 released

The most advanced ATC add-on for FSX takes another leap forward. The new release includes several major new unique features:

VoxATC now uses the SIDs and STARs in the Navdata Airac cycles. This adds a major component missing from FSX ATC (built in or add-on). SIDs and STARs are assigned in clearances based upon the flight plan and the runway in use. Procedures are referred to by their full name not just the code.

Flights can be created with alternate routings as variations on the filed flight plan. ATC will then issue a clearance including a full routing for the variation from the original flight plan.

After a missed approach, a diversion to an alternate can be chosen.

Any SAPI voice available on your system can be used as a controller or pilot voice. The volume and speed of each can be set individually. VoxATC can also use the open source VoxPop Voices. As many voices as the resources of the system can support may be used with VoxATC.