VoxATC can be used for 30 days after installation before requiring registration, thus you can ensure that it is working to your satisfaction before purchasing.


FSX, FSX SE or P3D (versions 2, 3 or 4) Installed

Microsoft .Net framework version 4.0

Non-English versions of Vista/Win 7/Win 8/Win 10 require the US English language pack be installed.

Available Versions

Flight Simulator X

Flight Simulator X SE

P3D V2

P3D V3

P3D V4

Network Server

To have the VoxATC panels displayed on the network server computer or another system on the network when running the VoxATC network server, download from the link below and install on the system used to display the panels.

Network (Remote) Panel

The current version of VoxATC X is 7.42. If you wish to upgrade, uninstall your current VoxATC X, VoxPopBase and any VoxPop voices then download and install this version (and the VoxPop voices available here). Registration keys for versions earlier than 7 will not work with this version

An updated version of UT2Bridge will be available in a couple of months. Don't upgrade yet if you use Ultimate Traffic with VoxATC

Version 6 is still available here

Version 7.41 is available here