Flight Phases

All phases of IFR flight are supported; start up and taxi, departure, enroute and arrival. During the flight, all the different types of ATC unit are available (Clearance Delivery, Ground, Tower, Departure, Approach, Center).

SIDs and STARs

SIDs and STARs are available from the Navdata AIRAC cycle. Assignments are based on the runway in use and current flight plan. The proper name for the assigned procedures is used in the corresponding clearance. As an example, at Heathrow the MAY2G departure is assigned as mayfield two golf.


After a missed approach, rather than attempting another, a diversion to an alternate airport can be opted for.

Alternate Routings

Flights can be created with alternate routings as variations on the filed flight plan. ATC will then issue a clearance including a full routing for the variation from the original flight plan.

Virtual First Officer Available

A virtual first officer is available to handle communications with ATC. The FO can takeover the radio at any phase of the flight.