Version 7 Beta

A public beta test version of VoxATC 7 is now available. The main additional features are:

Individual installers for each of the different types of simulator VoxATC supports, more than one simulator version can be installed on a system if multiple simulators are installed

Support for P3D V3.

Can run over a network.

Improved audio system with proper mixing of audio if two radios are active.

Parallel runway operation.

Improved AI generation enroute and on approach.

Version 7.2

The following was fixed

Non loading of some scenery files

Fatal errors at non towered airports

Network server not working due to installer issue

Runway Number update crashing

Center light remover crashing

Remote panel setup failure

Remove any version 7.1 installations before installing 7.2 but leave the version 7 voices

If you would like to try the beta you must first uninstall your current version of VoxATC and each of the VoxPop voices and VoxPopBase (if installed). Leave any other voices such as the AT&T natural voices which come on the VoxATC DVD.

Keep in mind this is a beta version and wait for the release version if prone to frustration due to software failures.

Please provide feedback via the Contact page.

The beta version will work for 60 days after original installation.

Download the correct version from the list below, unzip into a folder and run 'setup.exe.' After installation run VoxATC Advanced Settings and check 'Enabled' in the Logging section.

Flight Simulator X

Flight Simulator X SE

P3D V2

P3D V3

Network Server

To have the VoxATC panels displayed on the network server computer or another system on the network when running the VoxATC network server, download from the link below and install on the system used to display the panels.

Network (Remote) Panel

Version 7 VoxPop Voices (install VoxPop Base before any of the voices).

VoxPop Base

VoxPop Female Voice 1

VoxPop Male Voice 1

VoxPop Male Voice 2

VoxPop Male Voice 3

VoxPop Male Voice 4